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Bluegard protect your eyes in the digital era. Technology has become an integral part of our lives. We spent hours on digital devices like computer, cellphone, LCD TV, Tablet, portable game devices etc. These digital devices produce harmful blue light due to the high-resolution of LED light which can cause eye healthful problems.

Blue light has:

  • Wave length 310-410(380-500) nanometer
  • High Frequency electromagnetic

Blue light can cause eye fatigue, Blue light will be refracted and fall in front of retina and the result image object out of focus that will cause eye strain. Focus point from other colors usually fall in different part, refracted in different degree when the light entering the eyes.

More than 85% people who wear eyeglasses feel fatigue when using digital devices. Bluegard deflect harmful blue light up to 10%. Avoid fatigue and muscle tension of the eyeball , minimizing glare, minimizing dazzled effect because the E-SPF (Eye Sun Protection Factor) 15 which means it has 15 times UV protection to eyes, increase contrast, comfort our sight. Bluegard stylishing and protect you when explore your digital devices.

Blue light influencing the eyes of child. Children today are exposed to a variety of digital devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones etc that use LEDs which reflect harmful blue light. Because their eyes are not fully developed, they are naturally less protected from the effects of blue light. Children pupils are bigger than adults, which allows more light get into the eyeball.