Progressive Balance Cord

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Progressive Balance Cord

Balance Cord™ is the innovated hi-tech Progressive lens design that provides sharp and natural vision in all directions and variable distances.

It is perfect for who needs perfect sight in all direction, right choice for who is superactive in all places (indoor/outdoor) - intermediate, even in the same time, this is the progressive masterpiece! The KING of progressive.

It offers maximum comfort and UV light protection with style, enabling professionals to perform better for longer, both at work and at leisure.


  • Optimal and balanced design with the widest possible corridor, improved sight in all directions and distance, and minimized unwanted astigmatism, image jump and swim.
  • It has wide corridor - it is 48% wider than of all known Progressive lenses in the market
  • 100% UV light absorbency level to provide greater eye protection from harmful UV-light
  • Exceptional wide distortion far-distance, intermediate and free reading zones
  • Length of Corridor : 12.0 mm
  • Minimum Fitting Height : 19.0 mm


Material 1.56 Organic UV-400 Clear and SunSible™ Photochromic Grey
Coating Satin & Bluegard
Ø (mm) 70
Finish SPH +2.00 up to -2.00; ADD 1.00 up to 3.00
Semi Finish BASE 1.50, 3.00, 5.00, 7.00; ADD 1.00 up to 3.00